Open Boats

The Aquamaster Abalone is the ideal inshore offshore boat for diving and fishing, with loads of room and carrying capacity. Its strength originates from the fully welded aluminium construction; big and beaming with a generous depth of freeboard and stability.   


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 Standard Open Boat Specifications

Size Max HP Sides & Bottom Depth Approx Weight Approx Beam
3.9m 25 hp 1.6mm 800mm 110kg  1800mm
4.10m 30 hp 1.6mm 950mm 140kg  1850mm


Open Boats - Heavy Duty

These heavy duty 3mm bottom and side boats, have multiple cross ribs for strength, high sides for safety and a shallow vee hull for stability. The heavy duty Abalone boats make an excellent craft because of their large load carrying capacity.
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 Some photos may show optional extras.  

 Heavy Duty Specifications

Size Max HP Sides & Bottom Depth Approx Weight Approx Beam
4.20m 40 hp 3.00mm 950mm 180kg  1900mm
4.40m 50 hp 3.00mm 1000mm 265kg  2200mm
4.70m 60 hp 3.00mm 1000mm 295kg  2200mm
5.20m 80 hp 3.00mm 1050mm 340kg  2400mm
5.50m 80 hp 3.00mm 1050mm 375kg  2400mm