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Thank you for choosing Aquamaster Alloy Boats, we work very hard to build premium quality boats and are very proud of our workmanship.  We believe you will get the very best from you boat with regular cleaning and maintenance, washing all areas with fresh water both internally and externally to avoid damage caused by harsh, saltwater environments.

Aquamaster Alloy Boats warrants to the original purchaser that we will, for a period of Thirty-Six months (3 Years) from the date of purchase from an Aquamaster Dealership, make good any manufacturer defects, provided that the boat has been operated and maintained in accordance with the Three-Year Limited Warranty Special Provisions listed below.

Aquamaster Alloy Boats Warranty Special Provisions

Warranty is subject to proof of purchase, and we will make good any manufacturing defects upon receiving written notice within seven (7) days of finding the alleged defect or within a timeframe deemed reasonable by Aquamaster Alloy Boats.

Aquamaster Alloy Boats are built for recreational use only and will not be covered under warranty if it has been damaged by neglect, accident, improper use, fair wear and tear or used for racing, commercial or competitive purposes.

Each boat must be maintained and stored according to our recommendations and must not be moored for extended periods of time.

The boat must be used in accordance with the Australian Builders Plate and must not be modified, altered, or have had any unauthorised repairs. The boat must have a legible serial number and must not have been fitted with an engine which exceeds the maximum horsepower or engine/transom weight.

The boat will not be covered under warranty if it has been damaged because of a motor and/or accessories being installed or fitted incorrectly.

The boat must be transported on the correct trailer. Damage to the boat because of improper support or incorrect adjustment will not be covered.

Timber floors and carpet is limited to installation for a period of twelve (12) months and does not cover the effects of weather or wear and tear. Aquamaster Alloy Boats  provides a general warranty as to the fit for the purpose for the period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase for upholstery, however damage caused by UV (sun damage), cuts, abrasions or tears are not covered by this warranty.

Paint warranty is limited to defective paint or application for a period of twelve (12) months.  This does not cover the normal effects of oxidisation, degradation caused by dissimilar metals, galvanised corrosion, electrolysis, fuel damage or general wear and tear.

All other items supplied and fitted by Aquamaster Alloy Boats which are not manufactured by Aquamaster Alloy Boats is subject to their own manufacturer’s warranty. This excludes windscreen/windshield breakage and leakage around windscreens/windshields or other designed openings.

Approved repairs will be carried out ex-factory or by a nominated repairer.  No boats will be received without prior approval and freight to and from, will be the purchases responsibility. The warranty does not cover any consequential expenses beyond the warranty repair of the boat itself.

Aquamaster Alloy Boats, may at its absolute discretion, determine whether any damage has been caused by a defect in manufacture and may repair the fault in any such manner as it thinks fit. This warranty only applies to defects in manufacture appearing under proper use of the boat. Aquamaster Alloy Boats will not be liable for consequential loss of any kind arising out of the supply or use of the boat.